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We provide landscaping services that can make your dreams come true!

Whether your property is a home, commercial property, golf course, school, hotel, public park, church, university, theme park or zoo, we have highly experienced landscapers who can transform your outdoor space into your dream garden. 
Approved for home and commercial

The SA Landscapers experts can help you with the following

  • Design and completely recreate your garden to include landscaping plants (ornamental, edible, native or exotic).
  • Change the shape of your land through terracing, grading, backfilling, mounding, etc.
  • Seasonal planting of annuals.
  • Design and installation of paved seating areas.
  • Supply of ornamentation.
  • Design and installation of decking patio covers, water features, pools, fences, walls, raised planters and other features.
  • Irrigation system design and installation.
  • Design and installation of outdoor lighting.
  • Design and installation of an outdoor kitchen, fire pit and swimming pool where you can entertain friends and family.

Services we offer In South Africa

New Landscape design and installation.

If you are unhappy with your current outdoor space, SA Landscapers can help! We can design and install a new garden or outdoor space according to your exact needs. Whether you need an attractive yet low maintenance garden, a modern masterpiece, or a traditional and unique space that visitors can enjoy, we can design the perfect creation for you.

With the right landscaping design and installation plan, your outdoor space will be given more structure, its best features will be highlighted and unsightly views can even be hidden.

Seasonal Planting

The SA Landscapers team have extensive experience in landscaping and gardening. As such, we know exactly which plants are most suitable for your outdoor space, and when they should be planted.

Seasonal planting can be a complex process and it is easy to make a mistake. This can result in your plants not growing properly or even dying. The best option is to leave it to the professionals who know which plant will thrive, under which conditions.

Lawn and Garden Maintenance

Garden and lawn upkeep is a time-consuming process and it can be frustrating (and costly!) when you spend a lot of time pruning and weeding, only to discover that you have done it incorrectly.

Avoid wasting your time and unknowingly harming your plants and trees and call in the experts! At SA Landscapers, our landscaping and gardening professionals will expertly mow and trim your lawn, remove weeds, trim branches, prune trees and hedges and provide hydration where it is needed.

Tree felling

SA Landscapers provides professional tree felling services throughout the South Africa region. We understand how annoying it can be to have a tree that has grown too big and has branches that could damage your property. 

You may also have a tree that sheds large amounts of leaves, sap and pollen that is difficult to clean up. Don’t suffer in silence for any longer! Call in a professional tree feller from SA Landscapers and we will take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.


Most gardens require regular watering to maintain their lush, green appearance and to ensure the growth of plants, trees and flowers. Daily, manual watering can be a long process and in these modern times, people simply don’t have the time to water their garden every day.

With a good irrigation system, watering your lawn and garden can be a matter of simply flipping a switch! Our irrigation systems are synchronized and high quality and can be installed within 1 day. Contact us today for a free irrigation consultation and an obligation-free quotation!

Outdoor lighting

Having a good outdoor lighting system not only looks great and highlights your garden’s best features at night, but it is also vital for security. An unprofessionally set up outdoor lighting system can look unharmonious, messy and cheap. It can also easily break, costing you more money in the long run.

SA Landscapers can design the perfect outdoor lighting system for your home. Enhancing your garden’s best features, it will illuminate key areas and can be a combination of solar powered and electrical lights, or only one of these. Why not contact us for a free consultation and an obligation-free quote?

Landscaping Repairs

If you have an old landscaped garden, you may wish to repair or replace certain features. 

Ask one of our landscaping services to add, improve or remove current features and plants.

Residential Landscaping In South Africa

SA Landscapers provides a wide range of residential landscaping options and services including:

  • repair and rejuvenation of your current landscaping
  • creation of borders and beds
  • lawn and shrub sculpting
  • pathways
  • foundation plantings
  • fountains
  • rockeries
  • water gardens
  • seasonal planting
  • creation of zones (entertainment, shading, playing, etc)
We consult with you to advise the best kind of plants and shrubs for your garden’s unique conditions. We can also advise on the best materials to use and where to place key features, such as rockeries and water fountains. Whatever your goals and visions are for your outdoor space, the SA Landscapers experts can create a customized design plan and installation.

Commercial Landscaping In South Africa

Do you have a commercial outdoor space that could some extra TLC? Or perhaps you want to create a great first impression for clients and visitors to your building. The SA Landscapers team can help!

We can help the following companies and organizations:

  • corporate offices
  • school or university
  • church
  • golf course
  • hospital, and
  • much more!
Whether you have a prestigious location that requires a pristine and modern landscaping solution, or you want to create a classic and eye-pleasing outdoor space, our team has extensive experience delivering landscaping projects on time and on budget.

If you are uncertain how best to have your outdoor space landscaped, SA Landscapers can evaluate your space and create a beautiful design.

With SA Landscapers, the possibilities are endless and the end result will be truly unique.

Free quotes and measurements In South Africa

Get your free cost estimate today, at SA Landscapers. Fill in the form online and we will give you a no charge cost estimate and exact measurement at your home or commercial premises. We are available in all suburbs in and around South Africa and South Africa including:

Areas that we offer Landscaping:


We are the best landscapers in South Africa

Our landscaping services are members of the Landscape Irrigation Association (LIA) and/or the South African Landscapers Institute.

Both organisations improve and uphold professionalism and high standards in the industry.

You are therefore guaranteed of a high-quality garden if you work with one of our trained and experienced landscaping services. Please note the upcoming new LIA website.

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What is a landscaper?
A landscaper is a trained professional whose work is to trim trees, plant flowers, build garden structures and install irrigation systems. A landscape architect can plan and design golf courses.
Can I do my own landscaping?
Doing your own landscaping is risky if you are not an expert, and you may have to live with costly mistakes for many years. Get a landscaper to create an outdoor plan that suits your needs and solves common landscaping problems (such as wind, slopes, sun or space limitation). He/she will turn ideas into visuals and make sure that scale and layout are all considered before construction.
Do I need designs if I already have a garden?
Yes and no. Yes, if you want to completely change an area or work on a new area of your garden, you need a design so you can see what your refurbished garden will look like. No, you don’t need a design if you want to plug new plants into your garden or move existing plants around.
What process is followed in landscaping?
The process of landscaping has a design phase and a construction phase.
Design phase: You work with a landscaping service provider to research, gather ideas and plan. Together you will address design considerations such as the desired purpose, features to be included and landscaping style. You should receive a completed plan that proposes plants, plus location and materials for hardscapes and outdoor living features.

Construction phase: The designer and contractor work closely together to bring the design to life. After construction, your yard will have been transformed into your dream space. Then you can enjoy it with friends and family.
Can I have a lawn-free garden?
Yes, our landscape services can create a lawn-free garden. They incorporate seating areas, pathways, lawn-replacement ground covers and plant species that make your garden easy to maintain. The result is a beautiful garden, with increased birdlife, insects and butterflies but without the high maintenance costs of managing a law.
I have a shady garden. Can a landscaper help?
This is a common problem in South Africa, and we can help. Don’t cut back your trees or live with a struggling lawn or bare soil. One of our professional landscaping services can plant a number of indigenous forest plants that work beautifully in South Africa.
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