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Is your newly built house´s lawn non-existent? Is it dirt all around your home? Is the grass you sowed last season not filling in? Having a perfect lawn is easier than you think. Quick easy lawn propagation is at your fingertips. Our Partners:

  • Provide high-quality Instant Lawns at very competitive prices
  • Supplies different Instant Lawn varieties to suit climates across South Africa
  • Short wait time and can deliver on-site

How to propagate your Instant Lawn Effectively.

Measuring your yard and Placing an order.

Accurate measurements are required when ordering your instant turf. To determine the size of your lawn, use a tape measure. Record these measurements on a sketch of the lawn area, along with its length, width, and any odd features. We will be able to estimate the quantity of immediate grass you will need from your sketch. When you have a rectangular space all you need to do is phone in the measurement. We advise you to measure carefully so you don´t have too much excess grass.

Once the preparation work is finished and you are ready to install your new grass, schedule your turf delivery. To provide a solid beginning and sound foundation, it's important to lay turf promptly on the day of delivery. Effective grass laying can significantly impact your lawn's longevity.

Soil Preparation

The right soil preparation is crucial when deciding how to install instant turf on your property. You should loosen the soil to a depth of 100 to 150 mm for best results. Have the soil slope away from the home, etc. to solve any drainage issues.

You want to have the soil examined to determine whether it needs any adjustments, and then amend it with a lawn starting fertiliser. Break up any large clods and remove any roots or rocks by raking and levelling the soil. Rolling and lightly compressing the dirt will harden its surface and highlight any lower areas that might require additional soil. Keep the soil 30 mm below pathways and other garden features. To help the soil settle and provide the turf with a moist basis, water the area once it has been prepped.

Delivery of Instant Lawn

The supplier will deliver the grass directly from the farm to your door. Deliveries will be made kerbside if you opted to lay the grass yourself. Deliveries will be made in the Morning to allow you to lay the grass threw out the course of the day. On large projects, we might advise the grass to be delivered late afternoon so the installation process can start first thing in the morning the next day.

Laying of Instant Lawn

Start propagating your instant turf as soon as you receive it. Instant lean is a living plant that needs both moisture and ground contact to survive. When it's hot outside, protect newly delivered instant lawn by stacking them in the shade and slightly wetting them to prevent moisture loss.

The longest straight line, such as a driveway or path, should be the starting point for installing the instant lawn pieces. Lay edges close to each other not leaving space between them or overlapping them.
Stagger the joints in each row to resemble bricks, trimming the corners, etc. using a big knife. As they won't hold moisture, avoid leaving thin strips at the margins. Turf should be laid over slopes.

Rolling turf after laying is important. After installing the turf, roll the lawn with a lawn roller to improve turf-to-soil contact and remove air pockets.
Following installation and until it is established, you should avoid walking or kneeling on the new turf as this will cause indentations or air pockets.

Watering of Instant Lawn after Installation

Instant turf in Centurion and across South Africa should be watered within an hour of laying instant grass where ever possible as it improves soil contact and supplies grass with required moisture. We recommend at least 25mm of water for the first watering. After that, the grass should be watered daily for the first 2 weeks as it is vital the grass does NOT DRY OUT. Depending on soil conditions and the sun's intensity propagation can take up to 2 months in cooler months but will require less frequent watering. After the first two weeks, less regular deeper watering should begin. We also recommend trying to stay off the grass for the first few weeks after propagation.

Maintenance of Instant Lawn


Regular mowing is essential for your Instant Lawn in South Africa. Your new instant lawn should not be mowed for the first 2 weeks. Once established the lawn should be mowed every 1 - 2 weeks in the hotter months and less often in cooler months. Avoid Mowing lawn if the grass is dormant in the cooler months. The staple length of grass after mowing will depend on the variety selected and how well the lawn is established   


Your grass should be fertilized a few times a year especially if the soil is of poor quality in your area. The best way to determine what fertilizer to use and the amount to apply is to ask your Instant Lawn Pros partner.

Valuable tips for propagating your Instant Turf in Centurion

  • Planning when laying your new lawn is key to obtaining optimum results. Avoid laying instant lawns during the colder months of the year. 
  • Avoid using the lawn for a few weeks after propagation.
  • The location, surroundings, accessibility to water, and soil quality should all be taken into account when deciding where to lay the instant lawn and what variety will work best.
  • Research grass varieties or consult with your Instant Lawn Pros partner: Different grass varieties have various traits, and some are more adapted to particular conditions than others. 
  • Select the appropriate kind of grass: Select a grass variety that matches your requirements and specifications. Consider, upkeep, usage, shade and water tolerance, as well as weed and pest resistance.
  • Have your soil tested to know what grass variety will work best and to know how to amend the soil.
  • Amend the soil according to soil sample results.
  • Measure the area where the instant lawn will be laid accurately and order an additional 5% to ensure you have enough instant grass for the project
  • Remember to prepare the underlay before installing the lawn by removing any existing plants, and making sure the soil is aerated, smooth and level.
  • Lay instant lawn immediately after you received it and do not let dry out.
  • Care Directly after propagation. You'll need to water every day for at least two weeks after propagation. Limit traffic as possible and leave more grass when mowing the lawn After the initial six weeks you can do additional fertilizing.

Hydroseeding in Centurion

Hydroseeding strikes a delicate balance between being more effective than conventional seeding and more economical than planting sod. Although the term suggests a rather high-tech process, hydroseeding can be carried out in a DIY fashion or by a reputable lawn care business. Going with a professional will probably yield the best outcomes, and most people advise employing a firm for their tools and knowledge.

Simply described, hydroseeding is a method for growing grass and reducing soil erosion that involves uniformly distributing a specific grass "slurry" across bare ground. Grass seeds, mulch, water, fertiliser, and biostimulants make up this slurry.

This combination works great since the fertiliser promotes the development and the mulch anchors the seeds to the soil while shielding the seeds from the elements (such as wind or excessive sunlight), and eventually adds more nutrients to the area by decomposing over time.

Free quotes and measurements In Centurion

Get your free cost estimate today, at SA Landscapers. Fill in the form online and we will give you a no charge cost estimate and exact measurement at your home or commercial premises. We are available in all suburbs in and around Centurion including:

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Some of the Varieties of Instant Lawn supplied in Centurion

Kikuyu Instant Lawn in Centurion

Kikuyu grass is very simple to maintain. It is the ideal grass plant to replace a lawn or cover barren patches because of how quickly it grows and spreads.

For regions with high foot traffic, dry weather, and water restrictions, this kind of grass is the best option. This is the ground cover you want in your garden if you live somewhere where the summers are hot and the winters are mild.

Propagating Kikuyu grass is relatively simple. Even if it thrives all year long, planting in the spring will be advantageous.

Some Kikuyu instant lawn characteristics:

  • Does well in full sun and is very resistant to high-temperature climates 
  • Does well on average soil conditions and does not need highly fertile soil to thrive
  • Very widely used Instant lawn variety.
  • Vigorous grower able to cover large areas in a single season
  • Not shade tolerant and should receive at least a few hours of direct sunlight each day
  • Beautiful bright green colour 
  • Soft but course leaf structure
  • Tolerates droughts well and recovers quickly after irrigation or rain
  • Suits a wide range of soil conditions and does well on unfertile soils.
  • Handles high-traffic areas well and is very resistant and resilient
  • Needs to be cut regularly in the summer.
Bermuda Grass Instant Lawn in Centurion

There are many Bermuda grass verities used for Instant Lawns. Bermuda grass is a highly versatile grass variety that enjoys direct sunlight. Bermuda grass is salt tolerant, drought resistant and thrives on a wide variety of soils with a ph between 5.5 and 7.5. Bermuda grass tolerates high-traffic areas well and spreads very quickly. It is a very aggressive grower and will out-compete most weeds 

Some Bermuda Instant Lawn Characteristics:

  • Closer mowing heights make it perfect for lawns and sports fields and golf courses.
  • Finer leaf texture works great on sports fields and golf courses
  • Beautiful lush dark green in colour that looks amazing when well kept
  • A high-density lawn that creates a think matt
  • Excellent grass cover even in low fertility soils with minimal maintenance 
  • Rapid repair rate after high foot traffic making it perfect for sports fields
  • Can handle the coldest climates across South Africa 
  • Very strong sod and highly erosion resistant
  • Large Root and rhizome system making them perfect for drought-stricken zones 
  • Very Good wearability that works very well on high traffic areas
  • Successful in sports fields and home gardens
  • Goes dormant in winter in colder climates 
  • Approved for various types of sport field by various governing bodies.
LM Grass Instant Lawn in Centurion

Native to South Africa, LM grass is also known as Durban grass and Coat grass. It is mostly found in Mozambique and along the coast of the KZN province. Under ideal growing circumstances, it develops a lush, dark green lawn. In addition to flourishing in partial and full shade, LM grass also grows well in direct sunlight. Despite having a creeping growth pattern, this grass is not as invasive as Kikuyu.

LM grass can withstand heat and recover from drought and heat stress thanks to its propensity for creeping growth.

An irrigation system works well for LM grass. The grass will go dormant, turn brown, and eventually die if there is a prolonged drought. Therefore, until the root system is established it needs constant watering even though it is generally more drought-tolerant when it matures.

LM can be used to cover bare places, especially shaded areas.

Some LM Instant Lawn characteristics: 

  • Indigenous to Southern Africa  
  • Requires high rainfall or irrigation
  • Has a coarse leaf texture that is bright green in colour when actively growing.
  • Works well in both shaded areas and sunny areas.
  • Suite a wide array of soil types especially sandy types
  • Very fast to establish under perfect growing conditions
  • Sensitive to frost
  • Moderately resistant to foot traffic
Buffalo Grass Instant Lawn in Centurion

In addition to being noticeably greener, these new Buffalo "soft leaf" lawns are self-repairing and less invasive to garden edging than Couch or Kikuyu grasses. All varieties of buffalo grass are adapted to and thrive in sandy, somewhat salty, or alkaline soils, and because of their dense growth characteristics, they generally then to outcompete weeds.

To maintain a healthy lawn, Soft Leaf Buffalo grass needs to be mowed at a higher height than other turf species, often between 25 and 50 millimetres.

In shaded locations, mowing heights should be adjusted to between 50mm and 70mm to ensure longer leaf blades that absorb more sunshine and help the lawn to stay healthy with less mowing.

Buffalo grass should be watered often until it is well-established, after which it should be watered less frequently to encourage a strong root system. Buffalo lawns with deep roots have a larger "soil-water bank" from which they may draw moisture, allowing your lawn to survive in dry, hot weather that quickly dry off the top soil layer.

Some Buffalo Grass Instant Lawn characteristics: 

  • Attractive Dark Green Colour
  • Winter colour
  • High Shade tolerance
  • High Drought tolerance
  • Low Maintenance
  • Excellent wear tolerance
  • Salt tolerance

Why choose an Instant Lawn Pros partner when selecting an Instant lawn supplier?

Instant Lawn Pros have selected leading Instant Lawn suppliers across South Africa. We take the guesswork out of selecting an instant lawn supplier. Our instant lawn suppliers:

  • Provide high-quality instant lawns at a very affordable price.
  • They offer short wait times with on-site delivery.
  • They can install the instant lawn professionally or connect you with a leading lawn installer
  • Our partners offer a wide range of grass varieties to suit South African climates.
  • They offer great advice and after-sale service

These are just some of the advantages of selecting an Instant Lawns Pros partner.


How much does an instant lawn cost?

Prices for instant lawns can vary from R30m2 - R40m2 depending on the size of the area and if you require delivery. Instant lawns with delivery and propagation included can range from R70 - R80 (LM Beria) or R80-R90 (Buffalo) depending on site location prep work required and area.

The Best way to get an accurate estimate of how much your lawn project will cost is to Contact Instant Lawn Pros today and an Instant Lawn supplier in your area will provide you with an obligation-free quote.